Procedure for Admission

Here at the International School of Zanzibar we welcome children from all nationalities, educational and religious backgrounds. At ISZ we aim to provide an education for children of all ability levels through good teaching, support and differentiation.

Children who have English as a second language are admitted and given intensive support where necessary through our Learning Support team.

In the case of secondary students wishing to enroll in the IGCSE program it is really impossible for anyone to start these courses halfway through so it must be started at year 10 only, unless they have been studying IGCSEs elsewhere. The admittance of any student is at the discretion of the Head of School.

Guidelines for Year Group Placement

For admission into a particular year group, a child must have turned the prescribed age by the 31st August preceding that academic year.

Age and birth date requirements are as follows:

Class Age by 31st August
Nursery  3 years
Reception 4 years
Year 1 5 years
Year 2 6 years
Year 3 7 years
Year 4 8 years
Year 5 9 years
Year 6 10 years
Year 7 11 years
Year 8 12 years
Year 9 13 years
Year 10 15+ years
Year 12 16+ years

For prospective new enrollments the School office staff will implement the following procedure

1. Make an appointment with the Head of School, parents/guardians must meet with the Head of School before a placement can be confirmed.

2. In the meantime, parents/guardians will be asked to complete appropriate forms, which must be completed at least a week before the date the student is due to start.

3. Issue prospective parents with latest school information package.

4. Look at D.O.B. of the student and place them in classes based on age guidelines (when applicable).

5. Collect/copy any other information that may be useful in determining placement (e.g. School reports/past test or SATS results, etc).

6. Arrange a time for exams to be sat if they are entering the school at year 3 or above; this should be before the student actually starts school.

7. Purchase uniform and PE kit.