This Year’s BIG Trips! (2018-2019)

One of the things that makes attending an international school so special is the ability to experience learning outside of the classroom. Nowhere is this more powerful than when taking trips with your friends for a common purpose.

This year we will continue and add on to the trips that we offered this past school year. Please find below the details of our three big trips, and keep in mind that the prices you see will cover all expenses (food, travel, conference or tournament fees, excursions, and more!), but do not cover the costs of travel documents or shopping.

Thank you for supporting your kids in having these one-of-a-kind trips and experiences. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know. We will begin collecting funds for these trips on September 6.


Travis Hostetter
Secondary Principal

All-Secondary Trip to Hotel Verde (Wibit and Kayaking)

Who can go? Y7-11 students.

What is the trip for? Continuing our tradition of having all-secondary trips, we are traveling to Hotel Verde to participate in two activities: kayaking games and the wibit. See the picture above to have an idea of what a wibit is. This is a great opportunity for team building, learning, and having fun outside of the classroom. Don’t worry, every student is provided with a properly sized lifejacket and there are supervisors on staff to constantly watch for student safety. Please complete this form to give your child permission to go.

When will it be? September 21, 11:00-3:00. We will be taking buses to Hotel Verde. Students should bring swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and lunch with them for the trip.

What is the price? 20,000 TSH. Due by September 19. Parents must complete this permission form.

International School of Moshi (ISM) – Sports Tournament (and possible Mt. Meru Climb)

Who can go? Y7-11 students. All those who go must participate in at least one team sport (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, or football). There are loads of individual sports that all students can participate in as well (tennis, badminton, cross country, and swimming).

What is the trip for? This is the biggest Tanzanian international school sports tournament in the country – by far! I believe last year there were around 800 students participating, and we unanimously won the sportsmanship award! Students have a great opportunity to participate in both team and individual sports, compete among the best student-athletes in all of the top Tanzanian international schools, and make loads of friends in the process. Those who went last year can share just how much fun this trip will be.

When will it be? The tournament is November 23-25, therefore we will likely travel around November 22-26.

What is the price? While we are still waiting for the official fees from ISM, we anticipate the cost being around $350. This price will include the air fare to Arusha, transportation from the airport to ISM, food, and accommodations on the ISM campus. We are looking to have new official ISZ uniforms made for the tournament, which may incur an additional fee. The $350 is due by September 28 to ensure we can pay for the flights at their lowest price possible (to prevent an increase in the cost of the trip).

What about Mt. Meru?

Due to heavy student interest, we are actively looking into the option of combining this trip with a climb up Mt. Meru, Tanzania’s second highest peak! While we are in the process of planning this option, the price for both the tournament and climbing Mt. Meru is $850. We would expect to have the following travel dates: November 19-26.

Turin, Orvieto, & Rome, Italy – Student Exchange and Cultural Trip

Who can go? LIMITED SPACE: Y10-11 students. The first eight to pay the initial cost will be allowed to attend, all others will be put on a waiting list.

What is the trip for? This is a student exchange and cultural trip between the International School of Turin and ISZ.

Our trip will begin in Turin, where students will get a chance to attend classes at the International School of Turin in the morning, and then go on scenic and cultural excursions in the afternoon. ISZ students will be hosted by IST families, and when IST visits us in February, we will host them.

Next, we will take a train to the Umbrian hilltop town of Orvieto. Known for its cave networks, truffles, pottery, and magnificent views. Here we will go on a walking tour of the historic old town and have a chance to get out and explore and shop.

Finally, we end our trip in Rome where we will visit places such as the Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and much more, on walking and tasting tours of the city.

3 Days/3 Nights in Turin

1 Day/1 Night in Orvieto

3 Days/3 Nights in Rome

When will it be? The prospective dates are January 23-31, 2019. IST students will be hosted by ISZ families in February when they come to visit us.

What is the price? $1,500-1,700 (depending on the number of students who attend the trip – more students provide a cheaper price). The cost of the trip includes everything (transportation, accommodations, meals, activities) except shopping money and fees for documents to travel. An initial deposit of $900 is due by September 28 to secure the students spot on the trip and will be used to book plane tickets, and therefore will be non-refundable.

Nairobi, Kenya – Model United Nations (MUN)

Who can go? Y10-11 students in the MUN activity.

What is the trip for? MUN is a great opportunity for students to increase their talents in research, writing, debate, and public speaking. On top of this, students must also learn how to negotiate and form alliances with others in an attempt to get their resolutions passed. Students are assigned a country and must write resolutions in the interest of this country. It is a great experience!

Of course, we will be doing plenty of cultural trips in Nairobi and in the surround area. Last year students loved the many restaurants, malls, and safari and we will have similar excursions this year.

When will it be? February 17-23 are the likely dates of travel. The conference is February 18-22 and we want to have an extra day or two for trips outside of Nairobi.

What is the price? $800-900. The initial $450 is due by September 28 to ensure that we will get assigned a country to participate in the conference. As this is an incredibly popular conference, we must pay early to participate.