ISZ is committed to broadening students’ opportunities to access the education we offer by providing financial support for outstanding Tanzanian students who would otherwise be unable to afford the tuition & fees. The scholarship covers all program costs through Secondary School.


The specific aim of the scholarship is to provide opportunities for low income Tanzanian students to participate in an academically rich and culturally diverse experience that is unique in Zanzibar. Through this program, we are living our Mission: To provide a balanced and innovative international education that enables students to achieve their individual potential while preparing them to be successful citizens who make positive contributions to society and the world.

Scholarships are offered by ISZ for entry to YEAR 6 (10 +years)


Scholarship recipients are entitled to a 100% reduction in tuition fees, the admissions fee, school uniform costs and the IGCSE exam fees. The capital levy fee is waived and covered by the Scholarship. Scholarships last for the duration of the student’s time at ISZ provided they remain in good academic and social standing at the school. Scholarships may be revoked for poor academic performance or behaviour.